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Muni Movie ReviewMuni - A hattrick hit of Ragava Larencce
Review: 3/5 (Average)
Cast: Lawrence.R , Vedhika , Ms Bhaskar.......
Wielding a megaphone has become common these days with several technicians turning directors. However, going step by step above the ladder is important. Giving a hit in the debut film and proving a dud in the very next film is the common practice for several of these technicians and Ragava Larencce is an exception to it.He utilized the first opportunity and showed the best of his abilities in 'Mass' and gave a big hit to Nagarjuna. In his second film, Larencce himself proved a good artiste and made that film also a big musical hit with fantastic dance performance.
To fulfill his mother's wish, Larencce tried his hand in a Tamil film and made his third venture is also a big hit. Ganesh (Larencce) was brought up as a timorous person as his father Rangaswamy used to narrate ghost stories. Ganesh never move out of his house after 6 pm. His mother Kantamma (Kovai Sarala) worried about his marriage as no one comes forward to give their daughters. Ganesh falls in love with Priya (Vedika).
He goes straight to Priya's house and tells her parents that he loved Priya. With their acceptance, he tells 'I Love You' to Priya and gets her married. Later, Muni, wife and his parents shift to Vizag following Rangaswamy's transfer. Rangaswamy selects bungalow belongs to local MLA Dandapani and take it for rent.
Earlier, Dandapani and his men stab one Muneeswarudu @ Muni (Rajkiran) and sets him afire even as he was alive. They also kill Muni's daughter. Muni's atma keeps moving in the bungalow. After a few days, Muni enters into the body of Ganesh to take revenge against Dandapani. But, Ganesh's parents summon Anantudu (Nazar), a tantrik, who successfully separate Muni from Ganesh's body. After listening to the flashback, Ganesh decides to help Muni in taking revenge.
Muni in the form of Ganesh kills Dandapani's follower who killed his daughter. Dandapani realizes the danger and summons Masthan (Rahuldev), a tantrik from Mumbai to save him. Masthan could control Muni from attacking Dandapani, who promises that he would do everything for the village's development. Dandapani also admits that he had killed Muni and his daughter.
But Dandapani was quite crooked that he really did not want to help the villagers and instead take back the money from them as they had to approach him for the necessary permissions to lay roads, construct houses and other facilities. On noticing the crooked idea, Ganesh kills Dandapani. Though Mastan knows that an atma once goes out will not return to the body, he keeps silent as Ganesh did justice to the villagers.
Larencce gave an excellent performance all through the film. Being a choreographer he excelled in dances, but at the same time, he showed an equal ease in action episodes and gave good expressions and emoted well with utmost perfection. The graphic work in the film was also nice to watch. There are absolutely no flaws in the entire script.

With perfect screenplay, Larencce made the audiences sit tight in the edges of seats all through the second half. Even while shooting the scenes which has sentiment he showed utmost care. The horror scenes were also perfectly shot and are quite interesting. Another major plus point in the film is that the entire first half was devoted to lighter vein orientation with love and entertainment. The second half was totally dedicated to horror base.
The film would surely thrill the Telugu audiences as they are not very familiar with horror subjects and there are very few films that came with evil spirit and horror concept. Larencce tried to prove that every person has fear but only some openly reveal it, while some others pretend that they are brave.

Cast: Ragava Larencce, Vedika, Rajkiran, MS Bhaskar, SN Lakshmi, Kovai Sarala and others

Credits: Cinematography – VT Guhan, Background Score – BG Venkatesh, Music – Ramani Bharadwaja, Lyrics – Bhuvanachandra, Dialogues – Shashank Vennelakanti, Presents – Manyam Suryanarayana, Producer – Manyam Ramesh, Story, screenplay, choreography and direction – Raghava Larencce.

Banner: Manyam Entertainments
Released on : March 9, 2007

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