N.T.R All movies mp3 songs

Aradhana(NTR)Download Here

Sri Madvirat Potuluri Veerabramhendra Swamy Charitha
Download Here

Legend NTR Classic Hit Songs
Navarasa Veera(Vol1)
Nata Sarvabouma(Vol2)
Telugu Jaathi Muddu Bidda(Vol3)
Andhrula Anna(Vol4)
Vendithera Velpu(Vol5)

Legend NTR Movie Dailogues Part1,Part2

Dana Veera Soora Karna DialoguesDownload Here

Bobbili Yudham Download Here

Badipanthulu :Download Here

Driver RamuduDownload Here

Devudu Chesina Manushulu :Download Here

Devatha (NTR) :Download Here

Dagudu Moothalu :Download Here

Gundamma Katha :Download Here

Justice Chowdary :Download Here

Jagadeka Veeruni KathaDownload Here

Kalasi Vunte Kaladhu Sukham :Download Here
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