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Maite Perroni was known as the new Queen of Telenovela. Her role in Triunfo del amor with William Levy was made her famous. Maite perroni portrayed as MarĂ­a Desamparada which is in Love with Maximiliano "Max" Sandoval Gutierrez de Montenegro (William Levy). Beside known as a Telenovela Actress, Maite Perroni was also famous as a Singer.Here's some of Profile of Maite Perroni and her PhotoFull Name : Maite Perroni BeorleguPlace of Birth : Mexico City, Mexico. She grew up in GuadalajaraDate of Birth : 6 March 1983.I'm sure that all of you have heard the rumor about William Levy separation with Elizabeth Gutierrez. is it due to william's relantions with maite perroni? Can you describe about the reason why william levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez broke up after their 8 years relations? Ok forgot about william levy and elizabeth gutierrez. why don't you see this beautiful photo of Maite Perroni the new queen of telenovelas. Don't forget to check out our previous post about Gabriela Spanic .
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