Vara Prasad Potti Prasad Movie Review

MovieName: Vara Prasad Potti Prasad
Casting: Srinivas Avasarala, Vijay Sai, RK, Karina Shah, Priya Ahuja
Music: Sai Karthik
Director: Satya Varanasi
Producer: Harsha Reddy
Released Date: September 17, 2011

Avasarala Srinivas and Vijay Sai are coming together in and as Vara Prasad Potti Prasad. Renowned for their sense of humor, the two guarantee us a laughter riot in the film. A low-budget flick it is, the movie also assures some hummable tunes and cherishing moments to take back home.
Avasarala as Vara Prasad is at his usual best. He came up with the same old performance like that in his earlier works and tries nothing different to talk about. Vijay Sai as Potti Prasad is decent enough and does what he is expected to do. However, it appears as if he has done over-action at times. But you would get convinced thinking that director actually might have made him do that so as to churn out some laughs. RK too added wit to the story. He is quite hilarious in few scenes. It’s surprising to know his funny sides since we’ve seen him in a negative role and thus proves that comedy too is his cup of tea. The character he enacted draws similarities to the roles attempted by Srihari and Jaya Prakash Reddy. The other actors may be ignored.
Cinematography is just average. Music has no scope in the film and moreover, Sai Kathik’s tunes are not remarkable. Background score is more of director Vamsy’s style. It could be the intention of the director, probably. Screenplay is dull. Story is silly and has traces of Kishkinda Kanda. Narration is more like of a serial. Dialogues are decent but in parts, especially the ones penned by RK. Satya Varanasi’s direction is not up to the mark.
RK’s few dialogues
Few comedy scenes
Running time
No logic
More like a serial than a film
Silly comedy on many occasions
Direction (fit for TV)
The flick has been made to stand in queue for years now to see the light. It’s more like a Tom & Jerry show or that of Amrutham serial being aired on Gemini TV. Satya Varanasi is understood to have made the film this way since he actually included the cartoon characters of Tom and Jerry when the titles were rolling. I agree there are certain funny moments in it, but the story is illogical and makes no sense. Dialogues are well-written in bits and parts. Those who rarely come down to theatres might get impressed with this, but definitely not the regulars. Such is the heights of stupidity of the characters that they buy radio though they have no idea about operating it and what is it used for. It also reminds us of Jim Carrey’s works sometimes. I realized now why it was gathering dust all these years!
The movie fits into the bill of a television serial. I sympathize with the producer for investing his money in such a silly project. It gives us laughs rarely and is most of the times illogical. A serious film-buff would hate it. So, you better prefer watching TV soap rather than this!
Vara Prasad Potti Prasad is a TV serial than a film!
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