Allu Sirish challenges Dookudu producer

Mega Fans are irked with Dookudu producer claiming that their film is a bigger hit than Magadheera. They have spent lot of money to pass this message by conducting a huge event for celebrating the fifty days feat. However, fact remains that number one record is still intact with Magadheera and Dookudu is far behind it at the second spot.
Mega fans have released paper statements and also put up huge flex boards challenging that they would pay 1 lakh rupees to anyone who proves that Dookudu have surpassed Magadheera in one single territory in Andhra Pradesh. Anil Sunkara was clearly disturbed with this open challenge and tried to console Prince fans by giving a similar statement that he would pay 1 crore rupees if anyone proves Dookudu collections are fake.
This was brought to the notice of Allu Sirish and he reacted in a blunt way throwing an open challenge to Anil Sunkara who made the above statement on Facebook. "Office notice board, Facebook lo pedithe evadu chustadu. Dare unte press meet petti ee challenge declare cheyyamanu," he said to a Prince fan. Surely this issue is gaining heat by the day and we can expect an official counter to Anil's claims very soon.
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