Ramcharan's 1st Joke On Twitter


The twitter network has become one of the most sought after for the Tollywood folks and their fans. Some of the young superstars have made it their platform to communicate their thoughts. Even Ramcharan Tej is one among them. However, most of the times, his tweets have been more of information and serious stuff.

But recently, Cherry showed a bit of lighter vein. He came up with the following tweet -When our Finance minister says GDP will rise this year, he actually means "Gas, Diesel and Petrol", nothing else

Those who saw the tweet said “This is Ramcharan’s first joke on twitter. Just like the way he is outside, he is the same in Twitter also, very reserved and serious faced. But this tweet is like breaking the ice. We are hoping to see more of his natural tweets than just formal and official statements.” Let us see what Cherry does.
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