Prakash Raj Lost Faith On Dil Raju

Publicity is the primary weapon for any producer to make his flick properly placed in the audience. The reach of the film is directly proportionall to the commercial value it makes at BO despite of its hit-flop status.

Ultimately, ace producer Dil Raju is a specialist in promoting flicks with his kind of effective speeches and gapless ads. The name 'Dil Raju' has become a trademark mainly due to his kind of promotion rather for the quality standards of their banner is also an opinion frequently heard. This time, Dil Raju is coming up with DHONI, the film that marks the debut of versatile actor Prakash Raj as a director. However, Prakash Raj is not giving the driver's seat to Dil Raju for the promotional activities. PR is trying to create all hype and publicize the movie with the help of an advertising agency, as per insiders.

Cine observers are saying that the failure of OH MY FRIEND had made industry people lost their faith on Dil Raju. Though we cannot rule out this opinion completely, Dil Raju gave a color of a cult status to OMF through his promotions, when the film is not at all having any ingredients of a classic. Let us see what Prakash Raj will do for DHONI and what the flick does to him. Fingers crossed
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