Abhishek's fight with his Big fan on twitter Blog

Abhishek Bachchan, who has been an active user of twitter, for the first time gets into a fight in the microblogging site. Abhishek is miffed with one of his fan's comments on twitter.

A Twitter user @amit_scabal slammed Abhishek by calling him “no class” after the actor ignored him in London. He tweeted, “I may not be one to judge but mannerisms and the way you talk to people make me want to say that @juniorbachchan has no class. You forget.. Once you and your family were shopping in London, your mum a dad fabulous as they are, spoke to me greatly in knightsbridge..you ignored me.”
This angered Abhishek, who tweeted back, “@amit_scabal sir, for starters I don't think you're qualified to judge whether I have class or not. @amit_scabal and secondly, my job has almost nothing to do with "cutting mustard"!!”

He further tweeted, “@amit_scabal humbly, that's ur interpretation. You don't know me nor why I didn't speak to you. I don't ignore people. Possible that I might have been per occupied doing something else? A bit unfair of you to judge me like that.”

Well, Abhi's tweets reveal that he was very hurt by such rude comments by the user.
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