Chacolate Babe Ileana’s take on beauty

She is beautiful and going places too. We are talking about actress Illena, who has made a mark in Tollywood and featured in the recent Shankar movie ‘Snehitudu’ alongside Tamil star Vijay. The lissome heroine, who is set to make her foray into Bollywood with a couple of movies on hand, has her thoughts on what it takes to be an actress/heroine.

Ileana feels that being beautiful is important but it is not the only criterion to make it big in films. ’If beauty was the only criterion, then many would not have the opportunity to fare well in the industry. It is important to act after thoroughly understanding the character,’ Ileana was quoted as saying.
She goes on to say that more than beauty, being attractive is important. In this regard, Ileana refers to Tabu and Vidya Balan as examples. ’There are many in films who may not be very beautiful but look very attractive. Tabu and Vidya Balan, they have got immense power of attraction. That’s why they have been able to make it big nationally,’ she pointed out. So, the pretty Illeana will also be keen to keep improving her acting skills and soar to greater heights in filmdom.
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