Lovely Pre Release Talk

Aadis second movie is lovely coming tomorrow in near by theatres in the direction of B. Jaya has got a positive pre-release talk. Starting from story to screenplay, narration, music and action, everything is favoring for a positive outcome at BO. As per the inner reports from lovely sources, few highlights are as follows:

1. Superb Music from Anup Rubens and much more superb picturization of the same songs by B. Jaya.
2. Different theme for Hero introduction fight has come out very well.
3. Powerful dialogues and numerous one-liner punches from writer Shyam Manohar.
4. Except last twenty minutes of emotional drama, remaining 1hour 50 minutes will be completely entertainment oriented.
5. Aadis cool looks and superb energy.
6. Shanvis beauty and her characterization, to mention in specific about the affectionate bonding with father Rajendra Prasad.
7. Chinmayi (LBW fame) will be an added glamorous attraction and Vennela Kishore as usually to rock.

lovely is absolutely going to be a feel good entertainer releasing today in nearly 400 screens through out the state. Wish their entire team, a big success.
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