Tamil Rocking Star Suriya factor works for TV

There was a report in a section of print that the hot and happening actor Suriya’s tryst with the small screen did not create the magical impact that was expected! The report also said that the TRPs showed a declining trend since the launch of the game show hosted by Suriya.

The senior vice-president Balachandran who was quoted in the same report contacted DC and made clear his stand. He says that his lines were misinterpreted.

Balachandran said, “I beg to differ with whatever that has been said as my quote. When I was asked asked a query comparing Amitabh Bachchan and Suriya, I only said, ‘Please do not compare Big B with Suriya and each one has their unique style!’ But the way they have quoted me gives a different meaning.”
And as far has TRPs are concerned, contrary to what is said in the report, when you compare with the average rating of last one year Monday to Thursday programmes on the channel, the viewership has increased to an enormous 300 per cent. Considering the ‘mass nature’ of the show, it’s undoubtedly the Suriya Factor which has led to its success.”

I also said that it is too early to determine the success of any show, he adds. “They have also left out lot of other things which I said and explained. Sensation is fine as long as there is substance,” he says.
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