Dhanush: Marrying RajiniKanth’s Daughter Made Me Lose My Identity

Actor Dhanush has lamented that his marriage to Aishwarya, elder daughter of superstar Rajinikanth, has made him lose his ‘own identity’. Dhanush appears to have forgotten the fact that the status of being Rajini’s ‘son-in-law’ has made him get many opportunities which wouldn’t have come his way had he been merely an actor and not Rajini’s relative.

Dhanush, taking part at an awards ceremony in Mumbai, said that he was dedicating his popular Why this Kolaveri di number to Bollywood superstar and one of Rajini’s close friends, Amitabh Bachchan. The fact that Dhanush didn’t choose to ‘dedicate’ the song to Rajinikanth, easily the country’s biggest superstar, raised the eyebrows of many at the venue and sent tongues wagging as to what’s brewing in Dhanush’s mind.

Replying to queries, Dhanush said that “I always have great respect for Rajini Sir as my father-in-law and I respect his privacy. Yet, the tag of Rajini’s ‘son-in-law’ has proved to be burdensome ever since I married his daughter Aishwarya in 2004. I have lost my own identity and individuality from that date. Whatever name and fame I had garnered earlier had been swept away and I was only looked upon as Rajini’s son-in-law.

“Every time I allot time for some interview, the question of how I feel as Rajini’s son-in-law invariably comes up first. I have answered this query many a time. Of late though, this question follows questions about the Kolaveri song,” he concluded expressing ‘confidence’ that in the coming the days the question won’t be raised at all.

Dhanush’s utterances have irked Rajini’s fans who feel that the star’s comments are contradictory. If Dhanush feels so and wants to establish his own identity, what is the need for him to continually run after the titles of Rajini’s old films such as Padikkadhavan, Polladhavan and Maappillai? Nobody forced these titles on him. Dhanush even used Rajini’s hugely popular Ennamma Kannu… song from Mr. Bharath in his Tiruvalaiyadal.

Dhanush would do well to remember that he was hardly a star to reckon with while marrying Aishwarya. He has fought his way out of many crises mainly because of Rajini, the fans insist. A leading director who doesn’t want to be named says that Dhanush’s so-called ‘stardom’ pales in comparison to Rajini’s ‘superstardom’. He also added that Dhanush has got his Bollywood offer not because of his qualification but because of the force called Rajini.
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