Rajamouli Selling Eega For 34 Crores

 One of the most talked about and much awaited movies of the season is ‘Eega’ and the fact that it is directed by S S Rajamouli has made the hype and hysteria double. Now, it is heard that the film has been sold for a whopping Rs 34 crores and if this is true then it is equal to a superstar market.
Reports from the distributors circle is that they were ready to shell out any figure to grab this sci-fi thriller starring Nani and Samantha. The reason for that is they consider Rajamouli himself as a brand given his solid track of blockbuster hits. They add that he has carved a niche of his own.
Incidentally, Rajamouli has the knack of weaving stories in an innovative way and packages them in such a way that all genres of audience can connect with it. ‘Eega’ is the story of a Housefly and how it takes revenge. This is touted as a graphical extravaganza which has Sudeep as the antagonist.
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