Why This Kolaveri Di Copied From Ilayaraja Song

The trend of viral hits and creating national hysteria was created by the Tamil song ‘Why This 

Kolaveri Di’ and though the film ‘3’ which has the song failed to work, this viral hit was enough to give the makers their investment. Anyhow, Kolaveri Di is currently making news for another reason.
Videos are making rounds in Youtube claiming that the song was actually a copy from maestro Ilayaraja’s song ‘Nila Adhu Vanathumele…’ from the blockbuster hit ‘Nayakan’. Apparently, the interludes composed by Anirudh Ravichander for ‘Kolaveri Di’ seem to have been lifted from Ilayaraja’s song.
Debates have been happening supporting both sides but there are those who say that most of the chartbusters tend to have their roots somewhere from an old composition and interestingly, most of those old compositions come from Ilayaraja only. Check this link below and decide for yourself

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