Ram Charan's Next Film 'Mr Tees Maar'

After the super debacle of ‘Orange’, Ram Charan Tej has been quite cautious with his next project ‘Rachcha’ and though it is taking a while to complete, there are no complaints about that.

Meanwhile, Charan has also pushed the pedal and has signed back to back films not to waste more time.

Here is an interesting update. It is heard that the title song of ‘Rachcha’s goes with a line that mentions ‘He is the Mr Tees Maar Khan Rachcha’. This has given rise to a new idea. It is heard that Charan and Co. are now considering the word ‘Tees Maar’ as title for V V Vinayak’s film.

As such, Charan’s Babai came up with ‘Teen Maar’ and the mega powerstar is likely to be ‘Tees Maar’. It is heard that after writing this song, they got the idea of considering it as title. But not all are finding it interesting. While some say Khan is not gelling well, others feel Teen Maar or Tees Maar is not that clicking as a title. The coming weeks will give clarity on the title though.
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