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Charanraj and Saranya are the parents of twins, Deva and Vasu (both played by Surya). The couple has lost Deva while traveling in a train. Lakshmi from a rich family in a village brings him up with motherly love and affection. Lakshmi's son (Nasser) and wife (Ambika) get killed by a sugar mill owner and Minister (Kalabhavan Mani) for exposing his corrupt practices. The family has since been in perpetual conflict with the Minister. With the rivalry turning bitter, Deva is out to settle scores with the Minister. Scuffles between them become a daily routine. Vasu comes to know by accident that Deva is his twin brother and comes to the village and sends him to the city. As Deval is emotionally attached to the Lakshmi family, Vasu wants him to stay with the family and cement the bonding. To help his brother, Vasu enters the fray to eliminate the archrival.



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