Excellent Short Films By MR Productions

Hai Friends...
Eroju Nenu Oka New Youtube channel chusanu..
Indulo unna videos anni chusaka okkate anukunna..
Innallu ee videos anni naku enduku dorakaleda ani..
These are the Short Films by Creative Persons Subash and Tarun..
Oka Range lo teesthunnaru short films...
3Hrs theater lo kurchuni oka cinemaa chusekanna just 1Hour Spend chesi ee short films anni chudandi..
I Am The Guarantee...Full Ga Enjoy chestharu...
But Please Do watch these Short Films...
The Fools
Think Twicw Before You react
Love Or Infactuation?
The Faker
True Love
Think Once
The Week
It happens
Pay Attention
Life Is Precious
I Love You(Song)
How I Met My Mon
 The Blind Date

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