LBF Nuvvila Turns Out To Be A Giant Killer!

Many an eyebrow was raised when “Nuvvila,” an ultra Low Budget Film with a zero-value star cast, was pitched against a heavyweight like Mogudu, which had a reasonable star cast and a crowd pulling director. But “Nuvvila” not only survived against all the odds, but also actually managed to surpass “Mogudu” in terms of ratings and public talk.

Right now “Nuvvila” is the first choice for film lovers, at least in A centers. The film is going on at a very good rate and proved the fact that ‘content is the King’. Nuvvila is high on entertainment and has a decent content.

On the other hand, Mogudu fell short of everything despite having a notable star cast. Nuvvila’s success gave a ray of hope for low-budget-film producers that are worrying about the tough competition from big films for the next three months. If promoted well and bears good content, then there are ample chances for any film to stand tall in the competition.

Tollywood box office is going to witness another interesting fight this week. “Oh My Friend” and “It’s My Love story” will be hitting the silver screen on the same day (11.11.11). Without an iota of doubt, this is a fight between unequals. Are we going to witness another upset in this battle? Fasten your seatbelts folks; the game is on!
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