Oh My Friend (2011) Movie Review

 Oh My Friend (2011) Movie Review
Cast : Siddharth, Shruti Hassan, Hansika, Navdeep, Tanikella Bharani and others
Director: Venu Sri Ram
Producer: Dil Raju
Music Director: Rahul Raj
Rating: 3.25/5


Can a girl and boy remain friends for ever? is very old concept used in several movies like Iddaru Mithrulu.Oh my friend is the latest entry in the list. Chandu (Siddharth), an aspiring musician and Siri (Shruti Hassan), a classical dancer closest friends and others misunderstands them to be lovers.In due course, Ritu and Uday enters their life. Chandu falls in love with Ritu ( Hansika ) and Siri is engaged to Uday (Navdeep). The rest of the story is where the new relations lead to.
SouthMp3 Perspective
O My Friend is like an old-wine in the new bottle. Although Sriram made couple of adjustment the movie suffers from connectivity, which is the key to success. Running parallel romantic tracks between Siddharth-Hansika and Navdeep-Shruti Hassan is alight but it became a slip-up as the scenes become predictable. The tempo or the build-up towards the climax was not exciting as the characters exhibit endurance in their decision-making. Since the plot unfolds in the second half, the director has ample scope to make the first half peppy and lively and generate curiosity. But, like mentioned earlier, Sreeram’s application was seen only in enlightening audience about the lead-pair’s friendship and not the treatment and storytelling. Perhaps, you can rule out A and B centers for Oh My Friend and we’re not too sure about the movie’s stint in multiplexes too.

Siddharth should start choosing better scripts. When we say scripts, we also mean his characterization too. He needs to showcase something different other than the ‘college-boy’ behavior. And in trying to be very unique, Siddharth is falling apart. His performance is splendid but it’s just that things are not going his way. He must be wondering where his next hit will come from!

Siddharth delivered yet another superb performance as Chandu. He is composed in the role. This might be the career best performance of Shruti Hassan. She had shown great improvement in acting and expressions. Hansika was involved in too much of skin show and is seriously in need of shredding extra pounds. Navdeep is good. Tanikella Bharani is awesome as Chandu's father.

Technical Departments:
Venu Sri Ram makes a mark straight away with his first movie with lively screenplay and good direction. The dialogues are well written providing necessary emotional push and editing is good. Mani Sharma's BGM and Re recording deserves special mention. Cinematography is excellent. Rahul Raj's tunes are fresh and all the songs are well picturised.The production values are rich.

Plus Points
Siddharth Performance

Minus Points 
Age old script
Predicable screenplay

Final Say:
The concept of misunderstanding the relation between friends is not new to Telugu audience. But Venu Sri Ram made it entertaining with some lively screenplay and good entertainment. Rahul Raj's tunes and some excellent performances makes the movie a good watch.
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