Shocking rumors on Nagarjuna's Rajanna movie

King Nagarjuna's much awaited upcoming movie Rajanna is gearing up for release.It is known to all that Nagarjuna is is playing a different role in this movie.The latest posters released raised the expectations on this movie.Many are opining that Nag's look is amazing in Rajanna and this will definitely give a big hit to Nagarjuna.

But the shocking news revealed from the inside sources is that Nagarjuna is not playing the full lenght role in this movie.There are some gosssips making rounds presently saying Nagarjuna will be present in the movie for fourty five to sixty minutes.They are also saying that there is some other person who is playing the lead role in Rajanna.

What strengthened this gossips is the latest words of Swetha Menon,who is playing the villain role in Rajanna movie.She recently announced that her role in Rajanna is equivalent to a hero role,and the entire story will be revolving around her.It is also heard that Nagrjuna is playing a role where he rescue's a small girl who is seen in the recent posters of Rajanna.If this rumors are true,then it will become a big negative to Rajanna movie.

Lets hope that these are all just rumors and Nag won't be disappointing his fans with Rajanna!!
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