Why There Are No 'Sri Rama Rajyam' Trailers?

 It is part of the business plan to come up with teasers and trailers before the release of a film. Usually, it happens at least a month before release. However, nothing of that sort is happening for the much awaited film ‘Sri Rama Rajyam’. As such, the trailer has not come except few photos and stills. Now, many are wondering the reason for that and here is a talk.
A noted cine member revealed “It is good this way that the trailers are not revealed. This will give a surprise kick to the audience. Balayya in Lord Rama’s get-up and Ramayanam is in itself a strong image. As it is, this avatar of Balayya is a festival for his fans. Family audience also will come in good numbers irrespective of talk.”

He added “So, by restricting the look to the theatres till release date and without trailers, the value will only increase. While few other suggestions are making rounds, it is not sure what the producers will do. When TV was not there seeing the posters, public used to go to the theatres. But today, in the name of marketing they are assessing and judging the result before hand. For small cinemas it is okay but for Balayya’s mythological film, trailers are not required.”
But no film these days will be known to people that it is hitting screens without trailers making noise in TV channels. They may consider that a strategy but it shows lack of publicity for the film. Fans are eagerly awaiting the trailers of the film.
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