Allu Sirish Reveals About Mahesh Babu's Mega Deal

 A strong news has begun to make rounds about Mahesh Babu and a deal with producer Allu Aravind. Apparently, the buzz was that the prince of Tollywood was offered a whopping Rs 45 crore package wherein Mahesh has to do three projects under Geetha Arts banner.

Not only that, the news also mentioned that Mahesh had the privilege of choosing the scripts and directors. Now, the man incharge has come into the open to speak about it. He is Allu Sirish and he has given his reaction on Twitter.

Sirish reportedly mentioned a tweet which goes - Some false news being circulated about our co Geetha Arts' upcoming projects. We're not a corporate to give deals and contracts.

While Sirish has given the clear stand of Geetha Arts regarding this issue, it remains to be seen whether Mahesh will come with his statement as well.
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