Saif Ali Khan plans 5 sequels of Agent Vinod Film

Saif Ali Khan has been in the news lately for reasons which have more to do than his upcoming movie. But as the release of ‘Agent Vinod’ nears, the producer-actor is busy promoting the movie with a vengeance. After releasing books and games alike based on the movie’s story, the actor further claims that he would like to make 5 sequels to the film.

Chhote Nawab has already stated in the past that ‘Agend Vinod’ is his most ambitious project ever. Since he is producing as well as playing the lead in the movie, he is ultra excited about the prospects of the feature in the country since, according to him, there has been dearth in the thriller genre in Bollywood. Saif has further stated that he has not enjoyed shooting for any other movie as he has in this movie, and wants to make five sequels to it. But he wishes that his director does not take as long to make the sequels, since it took him 2 years to make this movie.

Well, Saif sure sounds upbeat about the movie and we hope the audience feels the same. ‘Agent Vinod’ is directed by Sriram Raghavan and stars Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor in the lead. The movie is releasing on March 23.

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