Don’t Let The Fear of Making Mistakes Paralyze You

How many people do you know who have many ideas regarding products, projects or business that they think could become really successful and profitable? I am guessing dozens, right?
How many people do you know, on the other hand, who actually took action to create those products, projects or businesses? I would guess one or two maybe?
This pattern is pretty much universal.
I am not sure about the exact ratio, but I think it would be fair to say that for every 100 people out there with good ideas there’s one or two willing to take action to implement them. In other words, for every 100 wannabe entrepreneurs there are 1 or 2 real ones.
What separates those two groups?
In my opinion the main factor is the fear of making mistakes and failing.
When you are brainstorming ideas inside your head and talking about them without friends and family you are in a comfort zone. There are no mistakes to be made there. Maybe your idea could fly, maybe not, but no one knows for sure. You can’t fail at that stage.
That’s why most people are willing and comfortable coming up with ideas.
When you decide to take action and implement an idea, however, you are making yourself susceptible to making mistakes. If you make too many of them there’s the risk that your project or business will completely fail.
That’s why very few people end up taking action.
One could argue that there are financial risks involved with pursuing those ideas, but is this the case?
With advances in technology you can get a business running today with less than $1000, and as long as you don’t borrow money the worst that can happen is that you will lose some of your time. And even then it won’t be a complete loss, because you’ll learn a lot of useful stuff along the way.
As you can see the key factor here is your mind. It’s the fear of making mistakes and failing that actually stops you, not the real financial risks.
How to overcome it? You got figure what’s more important to you: achieving your goals and your dreams or playing it safe and staying in your comfort zone.
As Earl Nightingale once said: We are all self-made, but only the successful will admit it.
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