Vacchadu Gelichadu (2011) Telugu Movie Review

Cast: Jiiva, Tapsee Pannu, Nandha, Santharam
Music: Thaman S
Director: R Kannan
Vachadu Gelichadu is the Telugu version of the Tamil film Vandhan Vendran. The film features Jeeva playing the role of a profession boxer. Tapsee pannu will be seen as architect. Ramana (Nandha) an underworld don in Mumbai, Arjun(Jiiva) a boxer and Anjana (Taapsee), a beautiful girl. These three characters are so adamant in nature and one particular incident brings them together.
Maybe, the story may sound too simple from your perception, but Kannan has gone ahead with his out-of-box-thinking, thereby letting us go through a belt of surprises during the climax portions. Possibly, revealing them will become the major spoiler here. It is well known that to gain something, one should lose some other thing. But Vachadu Gelichadu tells about how to get something without losing anything.
Jiiva did well within his limitations, he had no scope to show off his skills. Tapsee who looked fabulous in Telugu flicks like Jumandi Nadam and Mr.Perfect seemed out of place in this film. She is just average. Nanda is adequate in a pivotal role with controlled performance. Santhanam comedy in not upto the mark. All the other actors are passable.
Technical Aspects:
The entire script is devised to cater to class audiences in the first half and mass lovers in the second half. But then, editing and screenplay are worse. They spoiled the whole show. So is the case with direction. It’s so poor. Lighting andsettings suited too well for the theme, which in turn contributed to make cinematography first-rate. Thaman’s tunes are quite soothing to the ears and the background music goes well with the situations. R Kannan’s direction is commendable, but he fails to give drift to the script, which loses track while progressing in the Pre and Post interval episodes.
Survi Verdict:
Vachadu Gelichadu may be categorized in the list of boring films that were dubbed in the recent times. The film starts off with an interesting note but loses its path while progressing. The first half is adequate. The second-half on theopposite is an exception since it has a couple of okay twists and sentimental climax. Lack of twists and simple plot creates no impact. Skip it in THEATRES.
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