It’s My Love Story Movie Review

Rating: 2.5/5
Cast : Aravind Krishna, Nikitha Narayan, Jayasudha, Sarath Babu, Vennela Kishore, Kalpika, Tagubothu Ramesh,  etc
Directed by : Madhura Sreedhar
Music : Sunil Kashyap 

Release Date : 2011-11-10

Arjun (Aravind Krishna) is a video game developer who stays in Hyderabad in his own flat. Vandana (Nikitha Narayan) is a fashion designer who comes to Hyderabad to achieve big in her career. They become friends ‘accidentally’ and after a bad experience with her roommates, Nikitha comes and stays in Arjun’s apartment.
Vandana parents (Jayasudha and Sarath Babu) object this love and what happens next forms the rest of the story.

Aravind Krishna is good looking and a decent actor. He should work on his expressions though.Nikitha Narayan is fine. She did a good job for a debutante. Jayasudha plays a vital role and she is as bankable as ever. Sarath Babu is natural. Pavitra is good. Vennela Kishore as ‘Sujatha’ is a riot in few scenes. ‘Tagubothu Ramesh’ got a lengthy and noticeable role after a long time. He is Okay. The guys who played heroes colleagues annoys with silly conversations. Sundeep Kishan of Prasthanam fame appeared in a song.

  • Songs
  • Aravind- Nikitha performances
  • Cinematography
  • Technical values
  • Editing
  • Pace
  • Lack of depth in emotional scenes
When the director named his film as ‘It’s My Love Story’, one would expect it to be a unique love story. Sadly, IMLS is not unique but just a rehash of lots of love stories that we have already seen hundreds of times on the silver screen. A couple facing problems from parents and finally their love triumphs is not a great or special love story.
Director should have dealt this routine love story in an engaging and entertaining way. He tried to infuse freshness in the first hour, which is fairly decent. But in the second hour, the film started to head in a beaten track with ‘predictable’ twists. As the film reaches the finale, it gets on to your nerves with a pathetic storytelling. The ending leaves you gasping and exhausted because it could have been ended that way at the interval itself.

When the director is going to conclude this story on a predictable note, there is no point in dragging it for that much time. Comedy scenes are fine at few instances and cheap/vulgar most of the time. Only saving grace for this stale love story is the music. Songs are good on ears and a couple of them would stay with you.
Finally: Watch it for songs and pleasant feel
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