'Laddu Kavala Nayana' @ 'Nuvvilaa'

Samarame… song from Pokiri sung as Lamarame 
and the old super hit song of Sivaranjani… repaired as Livaranjani 
is all the handy work of director Ravi Babu generating huge laughs in nuvvilaa theatres. 
Character of Fidel Raju done by fat boy Prasad who spells Sa as La has become strength of comedy in the film. Actually Prasad worked earlier in the most famous Cadburys Dairy Milk Shots which is more popularized by the line Laddu Kavala Nayana.

Now, the same boy entered into Tollywood by the grace of director Ravi Babu who has different style in picking his artists, which is again seen even with nuvvilaa. Flick has got decent openings and is sustaining at BO due to the only factors of refreshing, youth loving comedy and romance. 

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