Sekhar Kammula's 'Sentiment' With Big Heroes

Sekhar Kammula, the most lovable director by all educated crowds is coming up with ‘Life is Beautiful’ on January 14th. The interesting aspect is that the big movie of Puri Jagannath-Mahesh Babu on the prestigious RR banner is releasing on January 11th. And within two days after that, on 13th 3 big movies - Balakrishna’s ‘Adhinayakudu’, Ravi Teja’s ‘Nippu’ and Venkatesh’s ‘Body Guard’ are hitting the screens. And on the very next day Sekhar is coming up with his ‘LIB’.

But history says that Sekhar Kammula has a sentiment of striking hits by releasing his films (especially those with new faces) along with big films. He has seen his ‘Anand’ becoming a big hit that released along with ‘Shankardada MBBS’. Again his ‘Happy Days’ was released along with ‘Chirutha’. So, now he is going ahead with these many big heroes at a time- Mahesh Babu, Balayya, Ravi Teja and Venkatesh.

Let us wish Sekhar Kammula’s sentiment works this time as well. 

Source:Great Andhra
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