Friends Book Movie Review

Veteran movie director R.P.Patnaik has come up with his second offering as a movie director with the film ‘Friends Book’. The movie has Nischal, Uday, Archana, Surya, Suresh and Nisha Shetty in lead roles. Welfare Creations group has produced the movie. Let us see how the movie is.

Story :

Nischal (Nischal), Akshay (Uday), Surya (Surya), Nithya (Archana) and Madhu (Archana Shetty) are a gang of childhood friends. The friends are employed in various walks of life, ranging from Software Engineer to Crime Lab operative. They are all very unhappy with their jobs and they share a common goal of setting up a profitable business. To achieve this, they quit and set about creating a software that identifies and removes fake accounts from the popular social networking site Facebook. They succeed in their design and submit a proposal to Facebook. Their proposal is accepted and just when everything seems to be going in their favour, a shocking twist happens.
What is that twist? Will they succeed in making money out of their venture? That forms the rest of the story.

Plus Points :

Surya, Nischal and Suresh have done a good job. Their performance is neat and they have done justice to their roles. Archana and Nisha Shetty are just about ok in terms of performance. Rao Ramesh steals the thunder with a good performance in a role that has negative shades.
The first half is breezy and the suspense angle is maintained right till the end of the film. Comedy is ok in a few places. Direction of R.P.Patnaik is good in the first half as the story is set up pretty neatly. A few songs have been shot well.

Minus Points:

The director has no clarity on the technical side of the story, so there are glaring mistakes. There are silly mistakes in the concept of a software identifying fake accounts and the way it goes about doing it. Another silly point – Can a dead person’s Athma come online and chat with friends on Facebook?
The second half of the film is very bad and there are glaring mistakes in screenplay. The ‘Nigeria comedy’ scenes have not come out well and they test the patience of the viewers. There is no clarity in the message the director wanted to convey and the story keeps meandering between a psychological thriller and a murder mystery.

Technical Aspects :

Background score is very good but R.P.Patnaik should have stayed away from singing the onlysong in the movie. His voice just does not suit the song at all. Editing is jerky and could have been better. Dialogues are ok and they hint at the importance of friends over parents (Sad).
Cinematography is poor and visuals are not exciting enough.

Verdict :

R.P.Patnaik triend to do too many things at once in this movie and he ends up doing a poor job with all of them. There is absolutely no logic in much of the film and you can safely stay away from this ‘thriller’. Spend time on your Facebook account instead.

Rating : 2.5/5
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